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Expert Video Surveillance in Newport Beach, CA

We are available to provide detailed background checks that list all of the pertinent information you need about individuals. For individuals who want to keep an eye on other people, we offer expert video surveillance in Newport Beach, CA. Rely on us to be discreet and thorough when we perform investigative work for you.

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Confidential Asset Check & Skip Tracing

Are you holding a judgment but can't collect the money owed to you? AZI has access to the largest and most up to date databases in the country. We can find your subject and identify their bank accounts, net worth, and assets. This way, you'll be able to collect what's rightfully yours. It's all done in a very confidential, discreet manner—they will never know you're looking.

Remember: Just because someone's moved or changed their phone number doesn't mean they're off the map. We have found and located hundreds of people who skipped town and helped our clients collect what's due, and we can do it for you, too. Let us help you find the money; order a confidential asset check today.

Background Checks & Investigations

It pays to perform a professional background check first. Our private investigations will do a thorough search and check on your subject. Our results will include their DMV, civil, and criminal record(s), plus our professional analysis of their situation overall and how it may affect you doing business.

Alternately, if you are involved in online dating, you may be interested in doing a confidential background check to see who you're really talking to. It pays to know who you're getting involved with before things start to get serious. Our dating background checks include all the usual items; plus, we verify the subject's name, address, place of employment, and more.

Civil & Criminal Investigations (Litigation Support)

You are innocent until proven guilty under America's criminal laws. However, if you have been charged (or expect to be charged) with a crime, your best bet is to hire us for civil & criminal investigations.

Never assume that your District Attorney's office or local police department will act like law enforcement on a dramatic episode of "Law and Order." Once you've been charged with a crime, the police move on to other cases and the District Attorney's office will continue to press the case for a conviction.

Many people are arrested and charged with crimes they did not commit, or in other circumstances, they are somehow complicit, yet not guilty. If your civil and criminal record is important to you, private investigations of your case can mean an acquittal or even having the case dropped altogether.

We understand that each case is unique in nature, so rely on us for a confidential discussion and opinion of your potential outcome. We have helped dozens of people prove their innocence and, in other cases, helped many more receive lesser or reduced sentences based on the facts we uncovered. If you have an attorney, please ask them to contact us directly. Additionally, we can recommend a good one to you for your particular case if you need an attorney.

Expert Video Surveillance

Our expert video surveillance techniques can be an excellent tool and can even be the proof you need to win in court. Whether the case involves a cheating spouse or a less than honest employee, we can get the photographic evidence you need to convince a judge and/or jury of their wrongdoing.

Many spouses who cheat and many employees who steal simply continue their bad behavior confident that they will never be caught. We perform all investigative services in a covert manner so that the subject never suspects our presence until it's too late.

The benefits of expert video surveillance are clear. If your spouse has been cheating, then you will finally learn and know the truth. Or, if an employee has been stealing, they will be dealt with properly. In either case, good video surveillance helps you solve mysteries and sets your mind at ease.

All video surveillance projects include written reports detailing the subject's behavior as well as our professional analysis of what the evidence means and how to proceed. If you're suspicious of an individual in your life, find out if your hunch is sound once and for all. Contact us today to begin the process.